Vacancy | Neurological Aquatic Physical Therapist in Beijing

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IATA China (International Aquatic Therapy Association of China) is an institute based in Beijing, with the aim to promote and apply aquatic therapy in China.  In addition, IATA-China is involved in the training of talents in order to become aquatic therapists and it is the only institute in China that is allowed to organize certification courses under the authorization of IATF (Association International Aquatic Therapy Faulty based in Valens Switzerland), which is the leading organization worldwide on the scientific study and talent training in aquatic therapy. IATA-China cooperates with 3A hospitals, rehabilitation centers and universities for the use of aquatic therapy and selection of talents. IATA-China is cooperating with Beijing United Family Rehabilitation for the construction of an aquatic therapy facility at its hospital.
Our mission:
Providing evidence-based medicine and patient-centered care to help our patients return to the quality of life they deserve.
In order to strengthen our patient centered service for rehabilitation we are currently recruiting for a neurological aquatic therapist
Job type: Full-time (40 hrs per week)
Education: Bachelor degree with post-bachelor aquatic therapy education
Profession: Neurological aquatic therapist
Starting salary: 3000 euro/month (net income)
Why working at our hospital
1. Working in top-notch hospital with international environment
2. High, above average salary
3. Inclusion of health insurance and other insurances
4. Inclusion of lunch during work days
5. Yearly return flight tickets to home country
6. Support to find housing and work visa
Job description:
The neurological Aquatic Physical therapist will act as a:
1. Care provider, and is proficient in:
a. Screening, diagnosing and planning
i.Setting goals for neurological and (neuro)pediatric patients related to the ICF
ii.Assess water confidence and water-specific skills
iii.Apply assessment instruments for dry-land patient goals
iv.Report treatment outcomes in a multidisciplinary team
a. Treatment, and is able to:
i.Apply aquatic concepts like Water Specific Therapy, Halliwick, Bad Ragaz Ring Method, Clinical Ai Chi, Aqua-T-relax, Aqua-T-Fit in a skillful way
ii.Choose adequate dosage and loading of tissues
iii.Apply safe and proper handling techniques in and around the pool
iv.Choose aquatic equipment and use in a safe way
v.Monitor clients for safety and hygiene
vi.Include health education
2. Developer of the profession:
i.Use evidence based clinical practice principles
ii.Participate in aquatic physical therapy intercollegiate networks
iii.Promote aquatic physical therapy in multidisciplinary teams
iv.Follow international developments
v.Supervise and coach students

The possibility exists to grow to a position of aquatic therapy department manager
1. Bachelor degree or above in the field of physiotherapy, including certifications for the practice of physiotherapy.
2. Rich experience with patients with neurological disorder in elderly and children
3. Preferably skilled with water sports and aquatic therapy techniques (Badragaz, WST, Aqua-T-Relax, Aichi, Aquatic sport).
4. Appropriate research skills for aquatic therapy research
5. Caring towards patients and passionate about work.
6. Social skills and ability to deal with doctor-patient relationship.
7. Proficiency in Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Apple software
8. Proficient in written and oral English.
9. Good command of second foreign language is preferred.
10. Swimming certificate
11. Certificate in life-saving, first aid and CPR
To apply, please send your CV to Mrs.Ting Zhang

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